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Partner Visa

These visas are for life partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents. You may qualify as an engaged couple, a de facto spouse or within a same sex partner relationship.

  • Spouse Visa / De Facto Spouse Visa:
    This is a visa for husbands and wives as well as for committed long-term partners who aren´t legally married.
  • Prospective Marriage (Fiancé) Visa:
    This is a visa for a fiancé; valid for 9 months, during which time the marriage must occur. Afterwards the applicant can apply for a spouse visa from within Australia.
  • Remaining Relative Visa and Aged Dependent Relative Visa:
    These are visas for people who have no near relatives other than their relatives who are settled Australian citizens or permanent residents, or for ´aged´ people who rely on Australian relatives for financial support for their basic needs.

Family Visa

These visa classes unite families under special conditions.

  • Parent Visa:
    This is a visa for a parent or parents of a settled Australian citizen or permanent resident, who sponsors the parent.
  • Child Visa:
    This is a visa for a natural or adopted child of an Australian citizen or permanent resident. In some cases a step-child may also be eligible.
  • Carer Visa:
    This is a visa for people who need to care for an Australian relative, who is a citizen or permanent resident. This relative must be in need of care, due to a medical condition and must be capable of sponsoring the visa applicant.


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