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Employing Workers From Overseas

There are a number of different ways to employ workers from overseas.  Many Australian businesses do so usually because the relevant skill set cannot be sourced from the Australian labour market and they wish to gain competitive advantage, find new innovative ways of doing business, and generally enhance their businesses with new skillsets.

We set out below two types of visa which can be used effectively to employ workers from overseas, depending on the length of the project and the requirements of your business.

Subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) visa

This is a medium term visa (for up to 4 years) which enables businesses to bring overseas skilled workers to Australia to perform numerous occupations.  The nominated occupation needs to be on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List or the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List.  The worker must be paid at least $53,900 per annum and must also be paid market salary rate.  In addition the worker obviously needs to have the requisite skills and experience to perform the role.  This is perfect for medium term projects and the worker is tied to the employer (unless they are sponsored by another approved employer).  It is also a pathway to permanent residency.


TSS Visa

From March 2018 the new TSS visa (Temporary Skill Shortage visa) will replace the subclass 457 visa. The TSS visa has two different streams, read more about the new TSS visa

TSS Visa


Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme / Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

These are permanent residency visas which often attract the best talent.  The worker doesn’t need to have worked in Australia before, and can obtain permanent residency straight away if sponsored by an approved business.  The requirements are generally similar to the 457 visa however a skills assessment is often required in addition because of the permanent nature of the visa. 


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Tips on Sponsoring Employees for Australian Businesses

Watch our webinar on "Tips on Sponsoring Employees" which was held in conjunction with the NSW Chamber of Commerce.





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