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Government Licensed Immigration Agency

Upgrade Your Lifestyle!

Are you considering migrating to Australia permanently? Or perhaps you are interested in working there temporarily? If yes, then our dedicated migration events can provide you with comprehensive information about:

  • the specifics of living and working in Australia

  • various visa categories: skilled workers, family and other visa options

  • Do's and Don'ts – avoiding costly mistakes


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Living and Working in Australia

Moving to Australia can become a reality! Come and meet us at our flagship events in Europe, Dubai and USA.

Our dedicated events offer a unique opportunity to obtain accurate and detailed information about Australia leading employers and jobs.

Informative expert seminars will also detail visa processes, application procedures as well as a breakdown on the various visa streams.

In addition to the above, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Demand for high calibre talents, experienced overseas skilled professionals and tradespeople

  • Talent, business and skilled migration opportunities

  • Self-Sponsorships and Start-Ups

  • Skills currently in demand and employment opportunities

  • The differences between State Sponsorship and State Nomination

  • Designated Areas Migration Agreements (DAMA)

  • Opportunities for business owners and investors across many industries

  • How the state migration programs can support successful and innovative business owners to settle and flourish in Australia

Read more about our recent events and have at look at the photogallery:

Photogallery from our recent Events

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Event Program


We welcome you to come and spend an afternoon with us. Events during the week start at 04.00 pm and on weekends at 01.00 pm. Events will run for about 5 hours. 

Requests, suggestions and questions from participants are welcome and will be added to the program.

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Seminars & Conferences
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20. July 2024

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10. August 2024

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