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In recognition of the great need for skilled migrants in regional parts of Australia, including capital cities such as Adelaide and Hobart, the Government has been presented with a Regional and Economic Migration Initiative (REMI) to boost migration.

The plan proposes an additional 40,000 migrant places be opened up for migrants seeking to live in areas other than the biggest Australian cities. The initiative presents an exciting prospect for those seeking to migrate permanently to Australia, as the REMI has been described as providing a fast-tracked pathway to permanent residency for investors, small business proprietors, employer nominated, student and temporary visa holders.

This new initiative is another reason to consider migrating to an area of Australia outside the big cities, where you can enjoy the Australian lifestyle while contributing to the economic growth and development of the area. Just a few of the benefits of living in regional Australia include:

  • Significantly lower costs for housing
  • A strong sense of community
  • Smaller class sizes at many regional schools
  • Living in a scenic coastal or outback environment
  • A more laid back and balanced approach to life and work
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