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We are specialised in providing visa and immigration services for Australia and New Zealand. Everything we do is focused on enhancing the delivery of immigration services to you - our client.

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Petra Walke

BPA (FH), CertNatSci (OU), GradCertMigLaw (ANU)
Licensed Immigration Adviser, NZ, 201002310
Registered Migration Agent, MARN 0957824

Petra has been acknowledged throughout Sydney and overseas as one of the leading migration experts providing efficient and satisfying solutions thus saving her clients valuable time and reducing their costs.
"We are a focused team dedicated to provide outstanding service. If you have any questions you would like to ask, please visit our offices or contact me."


Yuri Da Luz Varela

BA (U), Kanagawa University
Administrative Manager

Yuri is assisting our clients, Migration Agents and Immigration Advisers in Sydney and also provides administrative support to our overseas locations. After finishing her studies in Japan and Canada, Yuri started her career as an international sales assistant and developed her interest for marketing strategies. Yuri migrated to Australia and her overseas experience is highly valued by our business clients. Yuri is at the forefront of providing additional services for business clients and expatriates.


Thy Framed

Thy Nguyen

Marketing Team Assistant

After finishing her Bachelor Degree in Melbourne, Thy started her marketing career with us as a marketing team assistant in our Sydney office.
With her knowledge and experience in different working environment in Australia, Thy assists the team towards several different marketing projects as well as administration supports to our clients, Migration Agents and Immigration Advisers in Sydney.



Tina Tran

Visa Coordinator

Tina graduated from a Bachelor of Design degree in Vietnam years ago before she decided to move to Australia.
Her new journey has been rolling in Sydney with a successful accomplishment of a Master degree in Marketing and International Business.
She has obtained valuable experiences working in various environments and then decided to join Sydney Migration International to pursue her long-term career with our migration agents in Sydney.


Monica Caceres

Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law and Practice
Registered Migration Agent, MARN 0961140
Qualified Education Counselor (QEAC 238)

Monica brings her honesty, integrity and professionalism in providing trusted visa solutions to our clients. With a background in Economist Engineering, Monica is now a registered migration agent and a qualified education counsellor after completing her Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law and Practice in 2009.
Monica consistently brings her wealth of experience to assist businesses and skilled professionals with swift visa solutions and she now looks forward to helping you or your employee to live and work in Australia.


Christine Vaseer

Registered Migration Agent, MARN 0640357
MMIA: 3293

Christine has wide ranging expertise gained through 18 years of experience across the public and private sector. She started her migration career as a Department of Home Affairs (DHA) officer, responsible for the case management of temporary and permanent residency applications. She also held Account Management roles in the Employer Sponsorship visa processing areas of DHA. Christine later expanded her industry experience by registering as a Migration Agent.

Christine specialises in Skilled, Employer Sponsored, and Partner visas. She has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for helping her clients achieve a fast and stress free migration outcome. Christine welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your visa process, and provide you with the best visa solution.


Fiona O’Sullivan

Admitted as a lawyer at the High Court of New Zealand
Admitted to the Roll of Solicitors of Ireland
Registered Immigration Adviser (NZ), Licence number 201600540

After having obtained her Bachelor of Laws and being admitted to the roll of barristers and solicitors of the High Court of New Zealand, Fiona moved to Ireland, the birth country of her father, to work as a solicitor and to be admitted to the roll of solicitors of Ireland. Fiona lived and worked in Europe for 14 years and has recently returned to New Zealand with her French husband and children, and with a wealth of personal and professional experience relating to migration. Fiona brings heart and dedication with her legal experience and professionalism to work.


Kaushal Framed 4

Kaushal Jhaveri

BCom, MBA, Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law
MARN 0848480
MMIA 3235

Kaushal is a Registered Migration Agent since March 2008 where he assisted a large number of businesses and individuals with temporary and permanent visa applications, business skills as well as partner visas and student visa applications.  Kaushal has more than 15 years relevant experience to provide migration pathways for his business and individual clients.


Veronica Framed 2

Veronica Kyriakou

Grad Cert Mig Law & Prac (ANU), BaSO(JCU)
Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1463565

Veronica is a Registered Migration Agent and also holds a Bachelor Degree from James Cook University 2011. As an immigrant herself, Veronica feels gratified to be able to work with people from many different cultures as she can assist them to understand the complex legal process required for successful applications/submissions. Veronica has great research capabilities that play a major role in gathering information to help clients make the best choice when trying to apply for a visa. She specialises in Partner, Regional Skilled Migration, and General Skilled Migration visa classes.


Mark Roberts Framed

Mark Roberts

BA MMgmt, Grad Cert in Mig Law
Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1575942

Mark, born in rural NSW, has studied and worked overseas for some time. He has gained extensive knowledge abroad, before settling back in Australia to further pursue his passion. Mark has been a Registered Migration Agent since 2015 and has specialised in Employer Sponsored Visas, bringing professionalism in dealing with complex immigration solutions.


Wenjing Framed

Wenjing Cheng

M. Acct, M.BA,B.Art,Grad Cert Mig Law
Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1383293

Wenjing has a proven track record of excellence with visa applications. She has been offering professional migration services to clients since 2013 and has extensive experience in processing visa applications. She guides each client systematically through the application process, keeps them informed and ensures all her clients have a successful, smooth and rewarding migration experience. Wenjing is able to speak Mandarin and Japanese.


Ross Framed

Ross Townson

Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1680742

Ross has been involved in migration law since 2008, when he worked in the legal team at the Department of Home Affairs in Canberra. Ross has worked extensively in government legal policy areas including national security, international development and workforce skills. This experience has given him a diverse foundation as a migration expert, assisting clients with a range of visa types. In his spare time, he volunteers with refugees as a legal advisor.


Yvonne Framed

Yifan Gao

M.Acct, Grad Cert Mig Law
Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1684639

Yifan (Yvonne) is a Registered Migration Agent and she has been working in migration industry since 2011. She has assisted numerous clients to achieve their Australian dreams. She specialises in Employer Sponsored Visas (both temporary and permanent), General Skilled Migration, skill assessment as well as family visas. Yvonne is patient to guide the clients at each step of their visa applications and she is able to speak Mandarin.



Eleri Collins

Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1681463

Eleri has worked in the migration industry since 2008. As a migration agent, Eleri understands how challenging and stressful the process can be, and strives to make the experience as simple and streamlined as possible for her clients. Eleri has wide range of knowledge and skills, from working with large corporate clients and sizeable expat populations, to individuals requiring family visas.


I Yarin

I-Yarin McArdle

Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1688639

I-Yarin is a Registered Migration Agent. She acquired her Bachelor and Master of Laws in Australia and was admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia. I-Yarin migrated to Australia from Thailand and has worked extensively with clients from various cultures and backgrounds. She enjoys being challenged to find migration solutions for all her clients.


Kerstin Lötzerich-Bernhard

Dr. rer. nat. (U)

Kerstin works for the Migration International Group as a freelance journalist. She is responsible for inquiries and online-search plus writing specialist articles relating to topics like visas and immigration to Australia. Kerstin is a full member of Freischreiber e.V., a professional association of freelance journalists. She is a passionate travel journalist and specialized to write about Australia and New Zealand.



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